Employer Branding

What is your brand saying about you?


Employer Branding

So what is an employer brand? In short, it is the image a company projects as an employer.

Your employer brand is really an extension of your corporate brand. It speaks authentically about the experience employees have working within the organisation.

An Employer Brand should align to your vision, values and culture and is a true reflection of what future employees can expect when they join.

We really like the way Jeff Bezos put’s it when he say’s “It’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room”. 

HERO has the ability to understand, integrate and deliver Recruitment Marketing and Talent attraction campaigns that assist and help develop your overall Employer Brand.

We aim to produce Authentic Content Marketing which entertains and educates in a way that builds trust with your audience and forms a strong and loyal connection to your brand.

Our objective is to deliver the right message, in front of the right candidates at the right time while delivering the best Candidate Experience possible.

Your talent brand is forged by honest voices inside your organisation.

We’re passionate about employer branding in HERO.  Speak with us today about how we can work with you to develop an authentic employer brand to position your company as an Employer of Choice.